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How Stock Photography Works


Stock photography these are just pictures taken. The photographer takes pictures of people and various objects, or a certain situation and then he sells the pictures that he has taken. It is not that he is assigned to take these pictures and they are not specific pictures, but instead, they are photos of subjects that they would like to take photos of. This kind of photography is used in printed advertisements, magazines, and websites and also brochures although there are very many different ways that it can be used. These photos are licensed in various ways, and these include Rights Managed and the Royal Free Stock.


The Rights-Managed Photography uses the stock pictures which are licensed for a specific and a limited time and a purpose. If for example, an advertiser needed new stock images for a certain specified advertisement campaign, they license a photo for that particular use. The photo is limited to be used only for that campaign; they are also charged based on the size of the advertisement campaign that they planned to use the stock picture for. If the campaigning team purposes to use the photo again, they would have to pay again another fee for the advertisement. The fee they will pay again will depend on the size of the campaign and again if the campaign is different. The recurring fee amount is called the royalties, and with the rights managed stock photography the fee can be huge. This amount can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single use of just one photo.


With the Royalty Free stock, you are allowed to pay a license fee once, and you can use the photo multiple times. They also have limitations on how you will use the stock photo. However, the restrictions are not as strict as with the Right Managed Photography. In the Royal Free Stock a designer or the advertiser could license the use of one photo for example and then can use the same stock image in so many other different campaigns without incurring any other extra additional fees, and therefore no royalty fee is needed. Royalty fee Stock Photography is not so expensive and can be charged up to a hundred of dollars, which will depend on the source of the licensing source, and the rights were given. The small businesses and the web based business will use the Royalty Free photography because the designers and advertisers will pay just a dollar or maybe two per image license. That is why this type of photography is becoming more popular.

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